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Shashi Bhushan Panday

Shashi Bhushan
We specialize in the following love spells Mantras in order to help you return your lost love or find your true soulmate. Whether you prefer our most popular Love Mantras : Prayers or our Retrieve A Lover Spell Mantras : Prayers. we are certain these love spells Mantras : Prayers may help you find (and keep!) the love you've been looking for! 

The most successful and highly respected astrologer in the world

shashibhushanji-x125World Famous Vedic Astrologer Shashi Bhushan ticks all the boxes here because he has been a practising professional astrologer for more than 36 years. During this time he has produced many thousands of readings and reports for his clients who come to him from all over the world. The most important factor is that his clients come back time and time again for repeat readings, and the reason for this is simply because the predictions he produces are uncannily accurate.

Being able to produce such precise readings and astrological reports for so many people for so long has propelled Astrologer Shashi Bhushan to world class status. Many of his regular clients are well-known celebrities and VIPs who over the years have come to fully trust the work of Astrologer Astrologer Shashi Bhushan and now recommend his services to their friends and families. Astrologer Shashi Bhushan has become so successful that he is often invited to events attended by the rich and famous.

There are many pretenders in the world of astrology and some go

undetected for years but eventually they are found out and thankfully word travels fast. Astrologer Astrologer Shashi Bhushan has even heard of so-called astrologers who have pretended to people that they are the man himself. The obvious reason for this is an attempt to discredit Astrologer Shashi Bhushan but in some cases it has the opposite effect and actually strengthens his position as the world's most respected and trustworthy astrologer. If anyone is looking for the real deal they only have to call Astrologer Astrologer Shashi Bhushan on the phone or Skype him and they will instantly know they are dealing with a true professional, a true master of his craft and a genuine caring gentleman. It's no wonder Astrologer Astrologer Shashi Bhushan is considered by many to be the best astrologer in the world.

Fix | Improve | Restore Relationship

Stars Temple specialises in the Fix Relations :Improve : Mend Relations By Love Spell Mantras in order to help you return your lost love or to help you find your true Soulmate.

Whether you prefer our most popular "Love Mantras" prayers" or our "Retrieve A Lover Spell Mantras"

Listen to Fix Relation Mantra 




Lord Sun

sun-100Sun is the Lord of Simha Rashi [Leo] and occupies the central place amongst the navagrahas. Sun is also known as "The King" in the planetary cabinet. The colour of sun is red and his vahana is a chariot drawn by seven horses.
Listen to Lord Sun Mantra

Lord Moon


Moon is the Lord of Karka Rashi [Cancer] which is the Sign of nurturing and mothering. Moon is also known as "The Queen" in the planetary cabinet. It rules white and silver colours.

Listen to Lord Moon Mantra

Lord Mercury


Mercury is the Lord of Mithua Rashi [Gemini] & Kanya Rashi [Virgo]. It is also known as "The Prince" in the planetary cabinet. It rules green colour and its temperament is volatile and versatile.

Listen to Lord Mercury Mantra

Lord Venus


Venus is the Lord of Vrishbha Rashi [Taurus] & Tula Rashi [Libra]. It is also known as "The Minister" in the planetary cabinet. It rules royal blue colour and its temperament is easy going, royal, sensual, generous and accommodating.

Listen to Lord Venus Mantra

Lord Mars


Mars is the Lord of Mesha Rashi [Aries] & Vrishchika Rashi [Scorpio]. Mars is also known as "The commander-in-chief" in the planetary cabinet. It rules bright red colour and its temperament is violent, angry and rash.

Listen to Lord Mars Mantra

Lord Jupiter

jupiter Jupiter is the Lord of Dhanu Rashi [Sagittarius] & Meen Rashi [Pisces]. It is also known as "The Minister" in the planetary cabinet. It rules yellow colour and its temperament is mild, benign and soft hearted.
Listen to Lord Jupiter Mantra

Lord Saturn

saturn Saturn is the Lord of Makara Rashi [Capricorn] & Kumbha Rashi [Aquarius]. It is also known as "The Servant" in the planetary cabinet. It rules black, navy blue and bright brown colours and its temperament is selfish and indolent, harsh and hard hearted. It is the leader of low castes.
Listen to Lord Saturn Mantra

Lord Rahu

The Rahu is instrumental in strengthening one's power and converting even an enemy into a friend. Even the effect of snakebite could be removed by his grace. Success of effort is a blessing of Rahu as he stands for vigour and valour.
Listen to Lord Rahu Mantra

Lord Ketu

ketuKetu is a headless half-planet, shadowy as Rahu. Ketu is bestows wisdom, powers of discrimination, and gyana - spiritual knowledge, the knowledge of the self.
Listen to Lord Ketu Mantra

Lord HanumanJi

Listen to Hanuman Mantra

Love Reunite

Love Reunite Mantra

Listen to Love Reunite Mantra

Fix : Improve : Restore Relationship

Fix : Improve : Restore Relationship

Listen to Fix Relations Mantra


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shashibhushanji-x125Welcome to Astrologer Shashi Bhushan With more than 36 years of experience together with the sacred knowledge, which has been passed down over many generations, Astrologer Shashi Bhushan is the world's leading authority on Vedic Astrology. Astrologer Shashi Bhushan specialises in providing highly Click Here to know about your Astrologer


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